Decorate Wood With Glow In The Dark Lichtenberg Figures

This show craftsmanship was made by high voltage moving through a bit of recovered wood. The power goes through the easy way out making special Lichtenberg Figures. Every piece is distinctive and unusual. The wood blazing procedure is very energizing to watch! At the point when power is connected to the bit of recovered wood you hear the buzz of the electrons attempting to finish the circuit, keeping in mind this happens the surface of the wood becomes animated with gleaming ways making fractal designs.

The ways take after arbitrary movements, and are impacted by the subtleties in the wood, whether it be the wood grain, blemishes, or thickness changes. After the Lichtenberg figures are shaped, the pieces are cleaned and sanded, and a gleam oblivious sap decorate is added to draw out the lightning like plans. The sparkle oblivious impact looks best when the piece is presented to daylight.decorate-wood-with-glow-in-the-dark-lichtenberg-figures1

WATCH: Decorate Wood With Glow In The Dark Lichtenberg Figures