Thieves Get Shocked After Stealing Phone With Built-In Taser!

Bait Phone!

We’ve seen some entirely epic lure tricks in our time here. Typically it’s the folks over at TwinzTV fitting up the terrible folks and excursion them as hoodlums. In any case, for this trick? It’s Tom Mabe. He’s utilizing cellphones as lure as a part of these analyzers. What’s more, a lot of individuals rush to take them without authorization. Just they won’t be walking without end with a gleaming new telephone. Gee golly. These telephones are set up to stun the eventual hoodlum.Thieves Get Shocked After Stealing Phone With Built-In Taser

Truth is stranger than fiction, there are Taser-like contraptions on them to give them a genuine buzz (however badly) when they get their hands on these snare telephones. We think each cellphone ought to be fitted with one of these as standard!

This is extraordinary. How about we appreciate some light-fingered crims getting their comeuppance, should we?