Watch This Man Try To Dance His Way Out Of A Drunk Driving Ticket

As a rule, getting pulled over after a couple beverages is not something to anticipate or giggle at, however there’s an exemption to each run the show. This dashcam footage from the cop mockumentary TV indicate Reno 911! demonstrates a normal activity stop turned out badly when an officer presumes that the cowpoke she’s pulled over may be inebriated.

As the story unfurls, we see a typical field moderation test take a wild turn, and it’s difficult to state whether the driver is in an ideal situation in prison or at a try out for A Chorus Line.It’s not each day you get the opportunity to see a cop and a plastered driver look at kick-ball-change systems in favor of a thruway. On the off chance that this happened, in actuality, we’re willing to wager the officer would have a great deal to disclose to Internal Affairs once they saw this footage!